This photo of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pittt at the 2020 Screen Actor's Guild Awards event earned US$19,500,000.00 in total brand value, according to Apex Marketing Group, and reported by Yahoo Finance in this article.

To get a sense of just of the impact of social media on the viral sharing of the image and discussion about it, see The Best Twitter Reactions to Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s SAG Awards Reunion in the January 20, 2020 edition of Vogue.

In this case, it just happened.

Jen and Brad surely enjoy how viral events often just happen for them - and bolster their start power, increase their value. Someone got that shot and shared it. It took off from there. Neither Jennifer Aniston nor Brad Pitt did any work, but enjoyed an enormous amount of attention.

I hope that something viral just happens for your brand. Here's how to make brand impressions happen, in any case.

You probably keep a steady stream of social posts going out. If you aim to avoid what I call the screaming me-me's, or, sharing nothing but your own content, you probably share blog posts of others, stuff that is right for your brand's target audience. It's how we build a targetted audience in social, while soft-selling to them at the same time. Here's a page on how to do this automatically. When you share social posts of articles, but shorten the article page links with, you make brand impressions happen by advertising on the URLs in your social posts (and everywhere you share those links).

Here's one of our social profiles that continue to earn a huge number of brand impressions for RiteKit, powering our growth.

Click on any of the URLs in the Tweets of this Twitter account and you'll see that when our audience does the one thing asked of them - to click on the URL - they get the page that is promised by the text that precedes the URL in the social post, but with our advertisement riding on top of it.

So, an article titled 10 Ultimate Browser Extensions and Digital Tools for Growth Marketing, and shared as in this Tweet, when Enhanced with RiteForge (not just for URL shortening, but for the hashtags, the author attribution, etc. - all automatically done), compells people to get started with with the ad in the lower-left:

Here's the cumulative effect, over just the last year, of the brand impressions we've earned just by using for our URL shortener:

1,246,245 brand exposures, ensuring that RiteKit software solutions remain in the public consciousness. This is how we stay on your mind. ad views are why, when people later read about our social media software solutions, they think, I've heard of these guys. So, when people are 50-50, on the fence as to whether to pay for one of our products, for many, this is where the I've heard of these guys effect means money.

17,326 click-thoughs: organizations, marketing and PR professionals entering our marketing funnel. This is how we get new customers.

All of this done with free, organic social media posts, rather than social ads, and all of it earned. What Jen and Brad got is great; if you are not prepared to wait for it to just happen for your business, I encourage you to dig into RiteKit products and make it happen.

We make this continue to happen for RiteKit every single day, and so can you.

In addition to sharing stuff that's right for your audience, another powerful thing to do with

Collect brand mentions and share them with . I like Talkwalker Alerts for these, and they are free. If you get RIteForge, you'll highlight text on a page in which someone wrote something positive about your product or company, etc., and share it like this. Try the URL in that Tweet. Wait ten seconds and you'll see that we actually advertise with a video ad - on a RiteTag competitor's blog:

If you think that's bad...

Here's how Cannon Films / Golan-Globus actually spoofed the billboard for The Breakfast Club with their own billboard:

Do good things with, please, or at least get good things to happen. In any case, it's probably unwise to wait to get $19.5M brand value to just happen for you.

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