If you are on a free trial or pay for RiteTag, we just added a new mobile app with a faster and easier process. There's no upsell here; everyone gets this in addition to everything else that already comes with RiteTag.

The new app is for those who just need hashtags for Instagram on their mobile devices, and need them fast. You just install the app, let RiteTag serve up hashtags for the latest photos uploaded to any Instagram account. What's more, with this app, there's no need to authorize your Instagram account!

Master the new RiteTag Hashtag Generator app in 30 seconds


Get the RiteTag iOS or Android app from the links at the bottom of https://ritetag.com and use the verification code that we send to the email address we have from you to get into the app.


  1. Enter any Instagram @username and tap Load. No authorization required, recent photos load instantly.

  2. Tap to deselect any hashtags you don't want, tap Copy and then tap Open photo in Instagram.

  3. Paste your hashtags as a comment and tap Post. Repeat the process for each photo.

What else does RiteTag do for Instagram?

We recently released Instagram Account Coach Reports

How many hashtags to use to maximize discoverability without decreasing engagement? Should you put hashtags in comments or in the caption? What objects in the photos make the posts more popular? What colors in the photos increase engagement? ... and many more widgets with actionable advice

NOTE: RiteTag's Instagram Account Coach Reports are paid for separately from the RiteTag annual fee and based on the time-range you specify when getting the price.

Remember, if you have RiteTag, you also get full use of the site and the browser extension.

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