Emoji for desktop solutions have always meant opening a site just for getting them.

RiteTag just added the same emoticon feature you find throughout the RiteTag site - in our browser extension!  It lets you add your feeling or opinion to what you're saying and also, what you're replying to and not waste characters in the process without leaving Twitter, Facebook, TweetDeck, Buffer or Hootsuite.

Here's my new favorite way of retweeting: 

See what I did there?

  1. set up a retweet
  2. delete the 'RT,' leave the cursor where it is
  3. click the emoji button, and share people's stuff with these alternatives to a boring "RT":

What's more, the emoji only uses one character so, you save room and have more chance of getting retweeted further, as well.

Here are just 10 emoji that express why you are sharing and do it better than "RT":

I love it!  
Lucky you...  
Oh, you got me!  
I hate that!  
This is very okay  
Sorry to hear that  

So, how do you use emoji?

Please let us know in the comments with your Twitter handle. We'll be tweeting them out, with our  

We'll be back next week with another way to get faster with your social media optimization and scheduling with a new way to bulk upload tweets/posts into your RiteTag account...

Happy optimizing,

Saul Fleischman
RiteTag CEO

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