You can now share 100% of the desktop features of the RiteKit Package across a team of as many people as you like. Full site use, integrations and automation included for all users. All of your users also can all RiteKit browser extensions on the computers in their homes and offices as well. Set up and the future of team use of RiteKit follows.

We did this to lessen the impact of Covid-19 for our customers. We just added the ability to add unlimited social profiles (all with their own timezones and scheduling times) for the many companies, startups and non-profits, organizations of so many kinds that are spread around the world and doing their part to thwart the spread of Covid-19.

You can share your RiteKit Package with as many team members as you like - and with absolutely no additional cost. To be clear, the Package is $65/month or $650/year. Add as many users as you like and your cost remains the same.

How to share your RiteKit Package with as many team members as you like

However you registered, you have your basic login: email, Twitter or Facebook. (If you registered with Buffer, please add an additional login; we'll be removing Buffer login in time.)

If you do not wish to share the login credentials to the existing RiteKit login with your team, in Settings, add an additional Twitter or Facebook account. It could be a personal social profile of a colleague or even a newly-made Twitter/Facebook account that you create and share credentials for, just for RiteKit login.

What to do:

  1. With RiteKit open in one browser tab, open another browser tab and log out of Twitter or Facebook. In the new tab, then log in with the Twitter/Facebook account you wish to add.
  2. Back in your RiteKit tab, hit the + under Twitter or Facebook Login.

  1. Use the Allow for login button to make the newly-added Twitter or Facebook account.

  2. Finally, set up scheduling times per social profile added with the calendar icon beside each social profile in Settings.

Use the quick setup video first, add clients' social profiles and make their advertisements (to embed on top of URLs you share in social and elsewhere) later:

Looking for a more versatile social media marketing suite? For just the cost of Buffer Premium, the RiteKit Package replaces Buffer Premium, Business and MeetEdgar as well.

The future of RiteKit Package team use

We added the ability to add as many social profiles as you like to your RiteKit Package and at no additional cost, and did so to soften the blow of the pandemic. We will not be taking this back, however. As long as team use remains in its present state, there will be no cost to add members of your team to your $65/month (or $650/year) RiteKit Package. They get 100% of the site and browser extension features.

In the future, team use will evolve so there can be a manager and contributors. Contributors will create and save social posts as drafts, and drafts would be approved/rejected for publishing by the manager.

You will soon also see your image/GIF templates streamlined so that no matter how much text they contain, your self-branded images look great in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and everywhere. New types of media to share with your Link Ads riding on top and new Formula Sources for your RiteBoost Bulk creator dashboard are also being developed. They will not be upsells; everyone with the RiteKit Package will get all the new features! We'll be announcing the first of them that become available next week.

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