What Viraltag and we did, after agreeing to cross-promote our integration

  1. Their guest post on our blog, our guest post on their blog
  2. Newsletters to our respected opted-in subscribers
  3. Longterm campaigns of scheduled social posts like this one from them and this one from us

Cost to Viraltag: $0 Cost to RiteKit: $0

Why would cross-promotion make sense to Viraltag and RiteKit?

Viraltag is a platform for editing visual content for social publishing, and trusted by Estée Lauder, the Discovery Channel, Lacoste and the Hearst Corporation. RiteTag, a RiteKit product, comes with a browser extension that rides innocuously within all social media content creation and publishing sites, providing hashtag suggestions for text and for images.

RiteTag works with all social media content creation and publishing sites... Does that sound like your product, too? Write us if you'd like to talk cross-promotion.

The Tweet that started it all

Apoorva Srikkanth, Director of Marketing at Viraltag Twitter DM'd me, suggesting cross-promotion. I got her over to email, with suggestions on blog posts, newsletter and social campaigns, then got her into a call.

How I generated that Tweet (and lots like it!)

RiteBoost Bulk Creator Youtube Formula

I probably did this with about 12 key social media content creation and publishing sites that RiteTag integrates with.

We've got one cross promotion partner. We're on a roll, now!

(Thanks again, Apoorva and the team at Viraltag.)

This article is for fellow startup heads whose products compliment other products, but struggle to get the time of day from those who refuse to recognise even the possibility of a true synergy, ostensibly believing all the monies of the world should be their monies.

This is what we're doing, however, to take this to the streets, and get on board with other teams with products that RiteTag, Rite.ly and RiteBoost work synergistically with:

And then there's you, and us.

And not even just with social media content/publishing solutions that RiteTag, Rite.ly or RiteBoost integrate synergetically with. Yes, of course those, if that's you.

Also, there's our API. Test it without registration, login, token or bothering with the documentation. Just have at it. You could have:

Get any/all of these solutions right inside your site or app, and we'd love to team up on cross-promoting those integrations, too!

Look who just implemented our Company Logo API, over at VoucherToday!

We hope you'll talk to us by email, so we can keep the right members of our team apprised, but of course, we reply [in Twitter]((https://twitter.com/Rite_Tag), too.

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