We've added lots to RiteBoost while keeping the pricing exactly the same, and want you to make the most of it all.

More integrations, the world's first solution for auto-generating Image/GIF Templates with subtle animation effects, publishing control, dashboard speed, a nod from Buffer on the RiteBoost/Buffer integration, and just so, so much has been added.

We want to give you a brief synopsis on how to make the most of it all in your continuing process of getting social ROI for your businesses and clients' businesses. Here are the ten improvements we've made to RiteBoost, and a couple little bonuses in clarity and for developers who want our features in their web and mobile applications.

1. Smarter Shuffle

When using Repeat and when you've already scheduled identical post(s) and then, later schedule the same post, we now spread those posts further apart within any of your social profile queues.

As you can see below, some of us like to schedule Enhanced posts of the same content to multiple social profile queues, and shuffled, so the scheduling sequence is different. Do this twice, when adding to a queue that's been shuffled and some duplicit posts were getting posted right after each other. No longer a problem, RiteBoost ensures that the same post will not be scheduled too close to an identical.

2. Safer Repeat

Also, using the Repeat option with fixed interval in formulas led to multiple posts being sent at the exactly same time. We now randomize the times within a given day to make sure the posts are spread out. By Paul.

3. Feedly Formulas in RiteBoost Bulk Creator: Boards, RSS Feeds and Alerts Feeds!

Tens of thousands of social media marketers use Feedly for curating content before they send it to their social accounts. Feedly can be now connected to RiteBoost Bulk Creator (This is available for Feedly Pro users.) This one's by _Paul _as well.

Here's the Feedly X RiteBoost Tutorial

4. Editable Image/GIF Templates!

Thanks to Mohamed, we can now edit Image/GIF Templates in RiteBoost (and also in your RiteForge site and browser extensions)! 

Get Image/GIF Templates (like Canva, Buffer Pablo) by API for your web/mobile product.

Test it in our API Demo Dashboard!

Bonus: Before bothering with searching for your logo or getting a client to send you a file, try Grab from site!

Developers: want to get company logos automatically for sites and web/mobile apps? Grab from site uses our Company Logo API

5. Download and use your Image/GIF Templates, repurpose them for Instagram, Snapchat and beyond

The same Mohamed also made it easy to repurpose those awesome Image/GIF Templates for Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr... everywhere! Just use the image download button he just added! Since you can also do this by using a Text Quote Style in your RiteBoost Bulk Creator Enhance settings for a Formula, and later edit, here's a 2-minute video on highlighting text from a page with the RiteForge browser extension, editing it down, changing the background style, saving and downloading for use anywhere:

6. Image/GIF Template Animations!

  1. In Image/GIF Templates, Select a Style to edit or Add new style or Copy style from website (this tries to get your color palate) to start a new one.
  2. Choose Animation

  3. Preview (the image below shows the "Right Rays" animation. (Hot damn, Michael!!)

  4. Be sure to Save.

7. Auto-Emojify 

Another gigantic update by Mohamed: the Auto-emojify option in Enhance in RitePush (and the RiteForge site and browser extension, too). Coming to mobile apps in a few weeks.

Get Auto-Emojify by API for your web/mobile product.

Test Auto-Emojify and Emoji Suggestions in our API Demo Dashboard!

8. What you're sharing with your team or community in Slack, share with flair to social!

Slack Formulas in RitePush now automatically load images from slack. Built by Rahma.


9. Slack Formulas now support, emojis, too.

_Rahma _also just made it such that posts loaded from slack channels now support emojis and convert people's reactions to emoji appended to the posts!


10. Google Sheets Formulas: share with your team so they can share all/selected lines to social. (They just got easier to find, too!)

Our new web development intern, Omar, just made loading Google spreadsheets (Google Sheets Formulas) in RitePush much more reliable thanks to Google Drive file picker.This is great for generating images from customer quotes saved in a spreadsheet. Just don't forget it has to be in a specific format. We also added to the UI a link to a template you can easily copy and edit.

  1. New Formula
  2. G Sheets
  3. Import (You may want to edit the template provided, save a Sheet in Drive, and then do this step)
  4. Load from Google Sheet

Over to you: what are you doing with RiteBoost? We'd love to know, help out and maybe feature your story!

If you're planning a story on social media content marketing, image tools, automation tools, etc. and need hands-on help or quotes on RitePush, etc., please let us know. We'd love to share the story on your use case and success! 

A big thanks to the team at Buffer for evaluating RiteBoost and adding it to their Extras page (as "RitePush," RiteBoost's predecessor)!

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