RiteForge Social Media Enhance is the easiest way to optimize your social media posts on Android with an image, topic relevant hashtags, and a short URL with calls-to-action baked right into the links you share — on the go!

Just type/enhance at the end of your post before sending!

With Social Media Enhance for Android, you’ll quickly optimize posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+. It also works in Buffer and Sendible as well!

And here’s the best part…

It doesn’t matter which tier of RiteForge you are using, everyone with any tier of RiteForge gets Social Media Enhance for Android at no extra cost!

With RiteForge Social Media Enhance for Android, simply typing /enhance will take boring text like this...

and turn it into this...

Did you notice the two hashtagged words, rite.ly short link, and spiffy image? All of that was completed via RiteForge Social Media Enhance, by simply typing /enhance at the end of the original post text.

Here’s what you’ll need to do get started with RiteForge Social Media Enhance for Android

  • Install the app (Get it on Google Play
  • Enable RiteForge in your Accessibility settings
  • Select the actions you want RiteForge to complete when you type /enhance
  • Type /enhance at the end of your post in any of the integrated Android apps.
  • Watch your post magically obtain topic relevant hashtags, extract an image from any link, and add a short URL (with a baked in CTA).

Remember, RiteForge Social Media Enhance integrates into the Android apps of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Buffer, and Sendible!

In this short tutorial, Saul will show you how to set up and use RiteForge Social Media Enhance on Android:

Important things to know about RiteForge for Android

  • Type /undo before sending your update to reverse what changed when you used /enhance
  • You can change the magic word /enhance to any word of your choice simply by tapping on it in your RiteForge settings. 

If you don't have RiteForge yet

If you don’t have RiteForge yet, you can take us for a no-obligation, no credit card required test drive.

After your trial ends you’ll have the option to purchase RiteForge starting at $15 per month (starting at $12 per month when paying annually).

Happy optimizing!

Jason Michael
Head of Support

Interested in learning more?

We recently released the RiteTag mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Use RiteTag mobile and never guess again whether a hashtag is worth using. Twitter may tell you which hashtags are trending, but RiteTag provides much more useful information; color grading (to gauge the engagement stregth of the hashtag) and analytics that provide current and 30-day historical hashtag engagement 

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