What are brand impressions and why do they matter?

Picture Times Square, New York City. Electronic billboards everywhere:

Let's look at just one, for Canon cameras:

  • It does not give us a QR code to take a shot of with our phone's camera.
  • It does not direct us to the nearest camera shop.
  • It makes no attempt to connect our view of the sign to a purchase.

Success of this sign:

  • We get one one more reminder, one more impression in our minds that they exist.
  • When we do think to buy a camera and see Canons along with other great companies' models, for some reason, we have a good feeling about Canon.
  • It makes Canon a company that is in the public consciousness. A company we think of, a company that will last.

A small fraction of the people who first read about RiteKit products hit Upgrade when they get on our site. Very few do this the first or second time they see one of our Rite.ly Link Ads, or come on to our site through a search for a solution. Most people need to see something numerous times - sometimes more than 20 times - before they make a purchase.

With our Link Ads, we ensure that RiteKit products and examples of the solutions they provide, are on people's minds. Many people, many times. And all through free, organic social media rather than paid ads. We think you should know our process and do likewise.

RiteKit is very, very good for this. Rite.ly, included with the RiteKit Package, is the final money shot. It is where people get the content that you lured them to - but with your Link Ad riding on top. Unique with the RIteKit Package is that you get everything you need to craft your own foolproof process. You guarantee success for yourself in social ROI that you can show in your Rite.ly Link Ad Views. Yes, guarantee. As for how much success, it is a matter of:

The quality of the content you curate with Bulk Creator X (the audience you've already earned + the audience you reach wqith social media optimization) X what you do with your Link Ads = the volume of impressions your success entails.

I am the CEO of RiteKit, and I create and schedule 100% of our social media myself. I do it fast, so you probably can too. I spend 20 minutes/week on social media.

Here is what I have scheduled to go out to social right now:

Here are the nearly 1.3 million impressions (Link Views) that I have earned for RiteKit in the last year:

Here is the impression recipe for succes. It is what I use.

  1. Define our customer. In our case, people and organizations that need to get something back from social.

  2. Find content sources that consistently provide good content for our customer, as per my definition. I mainly use Feedly to group Rss', but this can be done by importing content by Youtube tag, subreddit, Rss, Slack Channel, or stuff you've saved to Pocket, Evernote, Onenote, etc. RiteBoost Bulk Creator gives you 14 ways to ingest content. Get on that. Always check one page from a site to ensure that your Rite.ly Link Ads will display. Here's how. Here's the basics of our automation dashboard, Bulk Creator.

  3. Make Link Ads that ask enough, show what your product(s) or event, company, non-profit, etc. is good at. Ask enough, don't ask for more than is reasonable, considering how people came to view your ad. Remember: success is that they see and remember you. Very few will click the logo or the call-to-action button (you control both; they can lead to different pages).

  4. Set your Enhance to 1 to 2 hashtags for auto-hashtag. Author attribution for when you send to Twitter. Auto-emojify is nice, and then, as you'll see in my default Enhance, which is what my Bulk Creator Formulas start with, when your company and product names are mentioned, you might replace with a hashtag or hashtag+emoji combination. That's "Replace" in Enhance. For events, append the event hashtag.

  5. Use Formulas in Off mode - Off mode is semi-automatic. You'll hit reload each time you use them. Select posts you won't share, archive. Select all, Enhance. Click those that need a little manual polishing, and save them. Select all, and with one or more social profiles in Add to Queue, hit Add to Queue. When you have many scheduled, you can use Repeat X 2 or 3 and Shuffle, to mix a few of each in with what you have scheduled. Be sure to set many scheduling times/social profile from the calendar in the RiteKit Dashboard. For Twitter, you can do one Twitter account at a time. After an Add to Queue run, again select all, change Twitter account, Add to queue. To change the Link Ad, you'll need to Reload, change Link Ad, save, Select All and Enhance.

  6. Start small so you don't waste Enhances or have many bad posts to delete. Enhance one. Try the Rite.ly yourself. Does the ad display and as you'd expect it to?

  7. See how your Link Ads do. Archive ones that you no longer need or, which you replace with more effective ones.

What you'll need: the RiteKit Package. Need it for more than one staff member? Write us with what you need.

If you got on our site through a Link Ad, you were not duped.

You were not tricked. You were not deceived or lured inappropriately to come see us. If it took a few times for you to "see us around" and then finally come check us out, do a free trial, a warm welcome. And you would be, in this case, evidence of what I began with in this article: what comes of impressions. It took you time to warm up to us strangers. Now we're not strangers.

If you create a process similar or very different from mine, write us with the process and screenshots of results; we'd love to publish it as a case study!

Thank you for going with RiteKit.

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