You can do with content what I’ve done to make free, organic social media the top source of quality inbound marketing for my company, RiteKit. I’ll tell you exactly how I do it:

You’ll need the RiteKit Package to do everything below. You’ll need nothing else. Free no-credit cards trials are available to all - hit Upgrade in the site.

First, the idealogy: stop trying to come up with ideas for blog posts or videos to keep your followers interested in what you offer. There’s great content for them out there, whatever you're offering, and there's more of it coming out every day. With Bulk Creator, you will dig for it from tags and words, from competitor’s social profile names and more. You will share the best of it - with your advertisements on top (seen by those who click the links in your social posts/comments).

Curate quality videos, SlideShares, Tweets, blog posts, Reddit posts, etc. that are good information for your target market. Get them with Bulk Creator, the automation dashboard included with the RiteKit Package.

Auto-generate social posts that automatically place your advertisement on top of such readily available content*. With the Enhance feature, along with your white-label, self-branded advertisement, you will also do any/all of the following:

  1. auto-hashtagging (skip hashtag research; save 2–3 minutes/post)
  2. auto-emogify (no need for an emoji-picker; save 1–2 minutes/post)
  3. author-attribution by Twitter handle (quite scouring blog posts for where the author is listed - top? bottom? Save 15 seconds/post)
  4. append event/brand hashtags and emoji(s) (save 15 seconds/post)
  5. either get featured image to attach or auto-generate a self-branded white-label animated GIF or static image from text, for content without images. (Compare with Pablo, which take 3–5 minutes/use. Our way takes 1.8 seconds, and it’s done inline. No new tab to open and close.)
  6. convert URL in the post to a Ritely short link so when people click the link in your social posts, they get exposed to your company/product. Some will click your call-to-action button in the advertisement.
  7. even more options are possible with Enhance; it does what you set it to do, saving 3 to 8 minutes per social post.
  • Content: discover, filter and import Youtube, Tiktok, Snapchat, Vimeo videos, Tweets, Reddit posts, Slack Channels, Trello Boards, Feedly, blog RSS' (feeds), Evernote, Pocket and much more. 14 entire types of sources in the Bulk Creator included with RiteBoost / RiteKit Package.

Enhance, core to RiteBoost and RiteForge, makes crafting one really top-notch social post with your advertisement on the URL take 2 to 10 seconds. You can also apply this time-savings to 100 posts at once.

The 1 to 7 above, what’s possible with the Enhance feature: with RiteForge, you’ll do once it when you’re on a web page, such as when you highlight what bloggers/etc. have written about your products.

  • With RiteBoost’s Bulk Creator, you will apply your Enhance to up to 100 posts per run, auto-generating many social posts and doing up to two hours of social media planning in 15 minutes/week.
  • I’ve used free, organic social profiles (Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook) to garner 1.3 million views of our software products in the last six months. And it only grows by the hour.

With the RiteKit Package and time to grow your audience, you will do the same.

Quick setup and mastery of RiteKit for generating & publishing social posts that get real social ROI

Open in Youtube

Few click the Link ad button. That's fine. After all, do you click on banner ads? Do you act when you see a commercial on TV or see a billboard? No, but Your Link Ads are for views: exposure, or, a reminder you exist. You’ll win people over in time, and they wont know why, but they’ll think of you as mainstream - since they see you everywhere.

This is why you need the RiteKit Package: Enhanced posts with RiteLy Link Ads get views. They ensure you stay on the mind of your prospects.

Do you share posts to Twitter, Facebook, etc. with your phone’s Share feature or, on desktop, do you ever hit social sharing buttons?

Please stop doing this! Share with RiteForge (browser button or highlight text on a page and share). Here’s why:

When you hit a Tweet button or other social sharing button, this is what gets set up to go out:

What your audience will see:

COVID-19: Social Media Management in Times of Crisis

The audience of the Tweet, should you send it: is your audience. They see your Tweet in their homefeed or based on search in social, search engine results, or because your Tweet got curated and republished somewhere. In any case, they are your audience.

What are you asking of them, or, what is the CTA of the Tweet? Well, you have text, and this is the page title. And you have a link. So, the Tweet is saying, want this (the text)? Click the link This is the inherent call-to-action (CTA) of the Tweet. If your audience does the one thing you are asking of them, that they click the link, and doing so breaks their connection with you, you are doing yourself in.

Here is the same Tweet, auto-generated with the RiteForge button:

Here is the same Tweet, auto-generated by highlighting text and choosing Share with RiteForge > image template

Made in 1.8 seconds: highlight selected text, right-click, Share with RiteForge, choose template. Edit on the fly as desired:

Whether you share a web page with the RiteForge browser button or highlight text and share, as immediately above, either way, your RiteLy link is the money-shot.

This short link is how I maintain my connection with my audience when I share anyone's content. It is how I get tremendous exposure for RiteKit when I share content.

Learn even more of how you will use the RiteKit Package to get social ROI for any organization or business with and also, how the Package replaces Buffer Premium, Sniply and Meetedgar.

Ready to get started and set up your social publishing, templates, advertisements and Enhance? Use our easy guide: RiteKit Package Fast Setup .

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