Whether you need to automatically populate user profiles with company logos for your customers in medical data software, financial transaction apps or company data sites, you will want to choose your company logo API first on success rate. Let's start there.

Only the RiteKit company logo API consistently delivers over 90% of the logos requested

*Success rate tested on this sample of 100 logos: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bAUw_6OErxAkFyWq94TWoXUkAuMd_6oXl7dnLV14Y90/edit?usp=sharing

For those in need of the most reliable, versatile and white-label* solution, we dug deep on what they provide, the costs, and everything that matters to developers.We tested the top four company logo API alternatives on 100 logos. I’ll discuss the value of each of the eleven factors we have compared leading company logo APIs on.

*White-label: no attribution needed.

Logos on-the-fly

Companies and organizations are born every day, and there are a great many of them. You need a solution that is not limited to an existing finite dataset.

Estimated success rate

We’ve found that no company logos return a logo in every case; it’s a matter of rate of success rate when determining reliability. RiteKit Company Logo leads by far at 91%, thanks to many smart heuristics mentioned below.

No favicons

Each company logo API uses their own logo to rule out false positives and provide what is, in fact, an organization’s logo. Some are so poor at this they actually deliver a favicon or social profile avatar rather than the org/company’s logo. They might be cheap or free, but this is not quality.

No photos

RiteKit doesn’t naively assume that every profile image on social media is a logo. If it detects a photo, it keeps looking harder for an actual logo.

Background removal

You will need company logos to look right within your web pages and app screens, and even as you iterate your UI appearance. The only way to assure that you achieve this is to use logos with a transparent background. However, very few logos actually come with a transparent background. Only RiteKit can automatically make the background transparent right on the fly.

Logo variants

Typically, you will cache logos you get from an API so that you need not make redundant calls. You will want both the full size logo and the square logo, since banners, profile and company web pages on your site, etc. may have the space for the full logo, but generally, for your mobile app and mini profiles or profile “card,” nearly all design layouts will work best with the square logo.


Most modern websites use SVG logos instead of PNG as they look crips on any resolution. SVG support is crucial for the API success rate. It is however technologically much more difficult to do correctly. Only RiteKit and BrandFetch are able to handle SVGs.

Fallback logo when no logo is found

What to do for consistency throughout your site and mobile app screens when the company or organization does not, in fact, have a logo on their domain? Only RiteKit generates a fallback initial-based logo, and it does this with the company’s brand colors.

Brand colors: do you get them too?

Most company logo APIs do not include these, though they help with generating user profile pages, company profile pages and customized experiences. BrandFetch can do this, but at an added cost and a separate API call; RiteKit includes an array of the brand colors used on the domain’s index page and does it in the same API call.

Custom logo sizes: can I get that in a size that's sight for my site, app, CSS?

Embedding logos via tag

Don’t want to store the logos yourself on your servers? Simply use the permanent URL returned by RiteKit API (permanent URL views are charged separately) in any tag.


For the overwhelming majority of use cases, the 100 requests or credits you can get free provide for testing only. Comparing the APIs that deliver consistent quality, success rate and win on the other factors, RIteKit crushes the others.


The free API from Clearbit is well known. Developers may learn after getting started that they pay dearly by advertising for Clearbit on every page, every instance where a logo from Clearbit is displayed. You will want to choose from the API providers that do not require attribution.

See the RiteKit API Showcase

We've prepared interactive, testable use cases of multiple RiteKit API endpoints.See what you can automate in your site/app in the RiteKit API Showcase.

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