It's worse in Facebook, but let's just look at Twitter, and a better way to look at what we can get back from social.

If it's any consolation, when you look at the engagement you get in social or just Twitter, directly, look at my main Twitter account:

This time, see

Very, very few likes, replies or retweets, right? It hurts. It hurts me more than it does you! Consider what I do for a living, as founder and CEO of RiteKit; I sure should show that I know what I'm doing with Twitter and social media marketing overall, right?

Ah, but, using this and several other Twitter accounts I've developed over the years, and since I (and you) can make and add unlimited social profiles in RiteKit, here is what I get from Twitter - just not within Twitter's native engagement:

Let's remember that a Tweet with a URL in it has an inherent CTA (call-to-action; what you are asking your audience to do). It is not to like, retweet or reply. It is asking that they click the link.

We put a powerful vehicle in gear when we come to the understanding that most people will simply see your advertisement, when they click that We need to make this count. We need to find the thing(s) for which awareness and familiarity are of value. Better yet if they click the button in the advertisement, but really, we have to find things, either for our own projects, products, services - or those we could be getting eyes on for others (read: those who would pay for this), and use social and our ads to get this exposure.

See the screenshot above: roughly 1.4 million times people have seen our stuff through Link Ads. Most don't click through, start a trial, get confused, get a little help... No, they just get that "I've seen this somewhere" feeling when they later search for a hashtag generator or consummate social media marketing suite, then sign up, and due to the awareness and familiarity, they decide to pay for something from us.

I thus ask you to think deep on what your Link Ads should be getting exposure for.

I hope this helps and doesn't come off as too preachy. Chat to us on our site if you need a hand with the RiteKit Package or any of our products.

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