Want to do quote posts or use page titles to generate eye-catching animated GIFs and attach them to social posts?

An active RiteBoost account is required to do this, any tier.

As you can see in the IdeasWatch Twitter stream, you can even use the Random option to use a group of your Image/GIF Templates in any RiteBoost Bulk Creator Formula. Whether set to ON (full auto; everything from a Source gets Enhanced and scheduled) or OFF (semi-automatic; you Reload to get the latest posts, choose which to Enhance, modify as needed and Add to Queue.

The video below shows how to generate and multi-schedule social media posts with text, hashtags, emoji and an animated text-quote GIF - all done automatically. At the end, I even show how to switch to full-auto, and never do any of the selecting of posts, etc. It all just happens as new items come off an RSS.

Imagine how long it would take to do just one of these posts with Buffer's Pablo - which does not template anything (nor does it offer background animations). I generated 21 quality posts with all the bells and whistles in a fraction of the time than it would take to do one Pablo text quote image and add it to a single Tweet/post.

The only thing I didn't show in the video is how to make Image/GIF Templates and and add to random. Do that from https://ritekit.com and select the Image/GIF Templates tab. Create templates with your logo(s) and you'll see the option to include in random.

Learn about generating animated (or static) Image/GIF Templates, for use with either RiteForge or RiteBoost, with unlimited templates, brands and many time-savers, in this quick tutorial.

To get started generating posts with all the social media enhancements that provide true social ROI, see this tutorial on getting set up with the RiteBoost Bulk Creator.

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