Mac RiteTaggers have had to make do with the RiteTag Chrome extension for too long so, we're pleased to announce the new RiteTag browser extension for Safari. Of course, RiteTag is also available for Chrome and Firefox, and the Chrome extension can also be used in the Vivaldi browser.

The new RiteTag Safari Extension uses our machine learning algorithm to suggest hashtags based on the content of your images and text. Watch our video tutorial to learn how to stop guessing about hashtags right now.

It works in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or any scheduling tool you might be using including Hootsuite, Buffer and Later. What's more, you can use it on any site just by right-clicking an image or highlighting a block of text that you want hashtag suggestions for.

1. How to Get Hashtag Suggestions for Images

This is great for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and other highly-visual networks. It works with all desktop direct Instagram publishing and scheduling solutions as well as desktop-to-phone Instagram notification systems.

Mouse right-click on any image, anywhere, including images you've uploaded to Tweets or even to the RiteTag Hashtag Bar.

2. Hashtag Suggestions for a Block of Text

Highlight a phrase or sentence (a small block of text, say, 2-30 words), right-click and choose the Hashtag Suggestions mouse option, and you get them, not for a word, but an entire block of text.

You can install the extension from this page:

Be sure to see the full RiteTag extension tutorial with my two-minute video.

NOTE: A RiteTag Pro acocunt is required to use the Safari or any RiteTag extension. New users can doa free 7-day trial (no credit card pre-authorization.)

Coming in march and April for RiteTag

  • Further refinement of the hashtags you get from Hashtag Suggestions
  • The Hashtag Bar will show all Hashtag Suggestions. No scrolling!
  • Just tap, tap, tap hashtags you want, then hit the copy button to get them for pasting anywhere

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