In the latest update to the RiteTag browser extension, available to all RiteTag Pro customers, you can now set the hashtag suggestions for images solution to provide hashtags in your language. This is very important for localized marketing in Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and all visual content and social networks.

See the video for how to use RiteTag's right-click solutions for both highlighted text and images

Changing the language for hashtags for images

  1. Right-click on the RiteTag browser button and select Options.

  2. Change the language and remember to save, at the bottom.

  1. You can switch languages at any time, but a browser tab refresh will be needed before you can use the new language for hashtags for your images in any open tabs.


  • While the RiteTag Android app does hashtags for images, language settings have not been added yet.
  • iOS RiteTaggers should use the homepage For images widget for getting hashtags for their images in any of the 28 languages RiteTag now supports:

Coming this month in RiteTag

See all hashtag suggestions without scrolling in the Hashtag Bar. Instead of excluding hashtags you don't want from the Hashtag Suggestions, tap those you do want, then the copy button.

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